4 reasons why Vodafone is a great place to work at!

Nagla A. Kinawi the Human Resources Director in Vodafone Egypt (2)

Let’s face it the closest relationship you have ever had is with your smartphone. Today you can’t go anywhere or do anything without it being your plus one. It’s an absolute nightmare when you see the words “No Signal” on your mobile screen, without a doubt Vodafone has woke us up from this nightmare several times.

Aside from being the number one network offering the best quality of services to its customers; Vodafone was selected to be the employer of choice for 5 years in a row adding this year the Top Employers Egypt and Top Employers Africa awards from “Top Employer” Global Institute to its list, which marks the 6th consecutive year. Vodafone has managed to reach this prestigious position as Top Employer due to its numerous and diverse initiatives that enable diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Here are some reasons why Vodafone is one of the top places to work at:

Diverse culture at the workplace

Vodafone is keen to support and empower women and enable them to play their role in the community efficiently through various programs and activities, as well as providing female employees with privileges, including:

  • Paid maternity leave, which extends to four months instead of three months
  • Providing an hour dedicated to child care
  • Nursery in Vodafone premises to facilitate the return of women to work after delivery

Women represent approximately 50% of Vodafone Egypt’s senior executives, which affirms Vodafone’s strategy to increase female employment and empower women.

Vodafone Egypt pays great attention to people with disabilities , providing them with 5% of the job opportunities in support of the government’s plan and Ministry of Manpower to empower and facilitate the integration of people with disabilities in society.As part of these efforts, Vodafone has provided a fully accessible premises and working environment for people with special needs, which include wheelchair ramps and entrances, in accordance with the highest international standards. In addition to using modern technological developments to enable the blind and visually impaired to transmit whatever text displayed on the computer screen into a form that a visually impaired user can process.

There is always chance for progression

 At Vodafone every day is a new opportunity for personal and professional growth. They provide the employees with continuous opportunities for learning and developing, not only through traditional classroom training, but through various rich, diverse and digital platforms.
Vodafonehelps its employees to plan their careers, through an online Career Portal that helps employees understand and learn about their career options, critical experiences and the skills needed for their career progression.

“Women represent approximately 50% of Vodafone Egypt’s senior executives”

Health and Wellbeing

Vodafone has a Health & Safety team to help ensure a safe workplace. Where Vodafone is committed to strict adherence to and compliance with local Egyptian legislations managing Occupational Health And Safety, in addition to itscommitment to   Vodafone Group Occupational Health and Safety standards throughout its operations.

“Vodafone Egypt pays great attention to people with disabilities , providing them with 5% of the job opportunities”

Hard work always pays off

At Vodafone people are the most valuable asset of the company and the main driver of success. Reward and recognition for jobs well done is an integral part of Vodafone’s human resources strategy. Annually, employees get rewarded through various reward schemes.


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  1. Not totaly correct, Vodafone abuse and disrecpect employees and if you have rights you may not ever get it, staff mostly polite and very keen to keep the good image and show a good bussines handling skills however not hounesed or even use logic or legal ways to do so, about the vindors Vodafone relay on to Handel the high turnover and skip levels for VIS and Local accounts for the are completly fruds and use a very cheap ways under Vodafone supervision, great Company with Great big name smils bad for a wail hope to make sure to contain the corruption inside out to mintin all the good talk in the artical above.

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