4 Inventive Ways Misr El Kheir is Promoting Community Education

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Whenever charity work is mentioned – at least for most people – food, shelter and clothing are the first things that come to mind. Education, however, is a vital aspect if one wants to make a real impact. The best way to truly help a community, is by tackling education.

Misr El Kheir is well aware of that, and that is why they have launched the Community Education Project to support education in Upper Egypt governorates. This is done through establishing an integrated education system based on the community school concept. Classes were established in Upper Egypt, where children who dropped out of school were taken in, especially in the areas suffering from a shortage in schools. Such classes became vital in the impoverished communities they were established in, as they helped the children complete the education they needed. Not only that, in an effort to promote this project while also benefiting the children, Misr El Kheir started its new campaign which offers promotional products designed by the community education students..

Here are four inventive ways in which Misr El Kheir, through this project, is promoting community education.

1000 Schools!

Until this day, Misr El Kheir established and supported approximately 1000 community schools throughout 11 years. This ended up saving over 30,000 children from dropping out of school and being lost outside the education system.

This is Their Design

Misr El Kheir organized a workshop for the community school students. The children’s drawings and designs were turned into different products, which will be sold and the revenues will go to supporting children to continue their studies; a full circle of education, creativity, and honest support.

Joining Forces

The products designed by the children are highly sold in Misr El Kheir’s stores such as El-Obour buildings, Sheraton and Nasr city and on their website also .

 In addition, many anchors joined this wonderful campaign and support it by their own way such Essad Younis who did a specific radio episode about the products. The amazing TV anchor Mona El-Shazly, MEK education ambassador who decided to shoot an Ad with the community schools children while drawing.

Whenever a campaign of this scale is put forward, one can truly understand its impact by observing the engagement it received from the community. In the case of Misr El Kheir’s campaign, engagement and enthusiasm have been staggering. On one hand, influencers, who greatly impact public opinion, were highly enthusiastic about the campaign, voicing their support to it. And on the other hand, Cairo Runners stepped forward to join forces with Misr El Kheir in order to further the goals of this campaign, and corporates helped out by ordering stationary through Jumia. All of this reinforcement ensured that such important work receives the kind of attention it deserves from the community.










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  1. I really liked the idea of turning children’s drawings into products this will help the campaign to complete their mission and teaches children the business thoughts from the very beginning ,hope to be continued

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