3 Minute Interview with @OffTheHookPain


How do you celebrate sham elneseem?

Sham El Neseem? Usually I lose a couple of days of my memories after being hypnotized by the smell of Fiseekh.


When will Egypt be ad eldonya? 

The number you are trying to call is not reachable. Please hang up and try again. This is a recorded message.


Why Twitter?

 Isn’t it better than “montadayat Abo Nawaf” and “Chat al 3nabi”?


Will we ever know who you really are?

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I DO that defines me.” Sa3d El Daly


Is the sandstorm we witnessed back in February the early signs of the apocalypse?

That was just a little glimpse of what a “1 Hawanyoo” by Fifi Abdo would cause to this world.


We’ve cured AIDS, what do you think we’ll accomplish next?

I will leave that answer to the great inventors of Monofiya. Behold! 


Why is your handle “Off the Hook Pain”?

When I signed up for Twitter, my name was already in use. So I didn’t think twice and wrote what was written on my t-shirt.


If Ahmed Moussa and Smeagol got in a fist fight, who would win?

The power of “haaaaaaa7” shall compel Smeagol.


Batman is not the hero Egypt deserves, who does it deserve? 

The Alexandrian Samir. Samir El Iskandarany 


Why don’t you quit Twitter and become a fashionista? 

I would love to follow the footsteps of the great Said Abdel Ghani and Moufid Fawzy. I’m bringing the patterned shirts from the 90’s back once I have the opportunity. 


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