3 Minute Interview with Barbatoze

If Barbatoze was a superhero, what would his super power be?

The power of total and absolute apathy.

You’re in a room with Fardous Abdel Hamid and Sarah Palin. You’ve got a gun with one bullet in it. What would you do?

Fardous Abdel Hamid is a powerful non-human entity that was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs; I doubt bullets will do any good. So I guess Palin?

If aliens are watching Egypt right now, would they want to invade us?

To put us out of our misery, yes.

Old school selfie was when you painted yourself. Is Barbatoze your selfie?

Barbatoze is the selfie of my misanthropic, cynical, indifferent alter-ego.

Why do you think people post so many selfies?

A lot of people are in love with their faces and – for some reason – assume the world shares their enthusiasm.

“Barbatoze is the selfie of my misanthropic, cynical, indifferent alter-ego.”

If you could base a villain on Ghassan Matar, what would he be like?

An alien overlord with fiery red eyes, with a human shell that he dissolves at will when the right time comes.

What is love?

A song by Haddawy.

In light of the recent events, do you think you’re soon to be a “starving artist”?

No, but I might end up being a starving dentist.

Which 4M member would you nominate for presidency?

The dead one. At least one of them is dead, right?

Does Barbatoze have any words of advice for Egyptians?

Ah yes. Try hard to grow that brain center responsible for the development of what is scientifically known as “common sense”.

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