3 Minute Interview from Twitterland with @MayeCaulfield

If you had to choose 3 tweeps to stick with during the zombie apocalypse, who would they be?
@mezzo812 , @_radvaa, @mazeno_ and @lil_miss_fickle

Elham Shahine and Donald Trump and you are stuck in an elevator. How do you escape?

I would freak out and scream with Elham Shahine then we will find out that it’s a prank and Donald trump is the prankster.

If you had to choose between going out with Adel Adham or Jack Nicholson, who would you choose?

Jack Nicholson. I would like to smoke a cigarette with him and tell him “you can’t handle the truth!”

What’s more dangerous in Cairo, taking a walk on your own at midnight, or street food?
It depends on what is more comfortable, fear of rape or fear of food poisoning.

What’s an 80s/90s song that you’re ashamed of liking so much?
Shaggy’s Boombastic.

How would you explain Twitter to a time traveler who just arrived from the early 1900s?
Here you go now, you can share your stupidity and humiliate yourself in public without leaving your room.

What would have happened if Jurassic Park was opened in Egypt?
Little kids would throw bananas and stones at the dinasours and ask them to (noty nataa ya dabdooba) or (khod feshaaarr).

Which historical event would you try to stop?
I would stop the Egyptian revolution of 1952, the Iranian revolution of 1979 and maybe Adam from eating the forbidden apple.

If an Egyptian superhero emerged to save the country, what would be their superpower?
Listening to people’s silly talks and answering their rude questions without actually killing them.. his name would be Abd Elsaboor Man.

Which Twitter celebrity do you stalk the most?

James blunt, I just love his funny comebacks.

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