3 Minute Interview from Twitterland with @m3adel

Do you think you might be breaching some doctor/patient confidentiality pact by tweeting about the crazy things you face?


I don’t think so. I mean I never mention anyone’s name or their personal details.


Who’s your favorite, Dr. House, Dr. Hannibal Lector or Doctor Who?


I beg to differ; I’d pick Izzie from Grey’s Anatomy because she reminds me of my own neurosis.


What is the strangest thing a patient ever said to you?


It wasn’t strange per se, I was just baffled by the relevance of his answer. I was asking a father about his child’s site of trauma and instead of saying his left knee, head or arm, he simply replied “Maadi”.


Why do you think so many people follow you?


I have absolutely no clue, I believe I’m mediocre. I guess people enjoy misery.


In your professional opinion, when can we classify the obsession with a certain political figure as mass psychosis?


I wouldn’t call it psychosis; I’d say it is a lack of objectivity and it has been deficient here in Egypt since ever.


Finish the following sentence: When life gives you lemons…


Eat a burger.


Screaming into cyber-space via twitter can be a good way to let off some steam. When does it turn into an addiction?


When it stops you from practicing your daily activities. Thank God that never happened to me… Yet.


Selfie is now officially a disorder. What do you think about that?


I actually wrote an entire article about selfies months before the infamous Oscar selfie, but now it’s getting out of hands. We need to stop people from taking selfies. Unless they’re hot.


If you weren’t a doctor, what would you like to do for a living?


Kill people for a living. Why would I assist in saving someone’s life? There are too many people in this world already!


Favorite activity when you’re not too busy saving lives and/or tweeting?


Sleeping. It’s the closest I can get to being in a coma.


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