3 Minute Interview from Twitterland with @amr_sugar

From your experience, do women love funny men?
Maybe, yet you never see women sharing pictures of men with good sense of humor. It’s either men with abdominal muscles and good hair and great smiles, or movie stars. Not the funny ones too.

Is Egypt giving you enough comedy material still?
Yes, it’s an endless well of comedy content. I think If I go to another country I’d change the genre of my writings to drama or romance.

Isn’t Cairo a much hotter, Batman-less Gotham? If not, what is it like?
This comparison is unfair to the people of Gotham. Batman finds the good in the people of Gotham eventually. We would arrest Batman for causing social unrest or joining some terrorism league. And you’d find his mug shot in the ministry of interior Facebook page with drugs or something.

What is your earliest memory of an internet troll?
I actually made a fake account with a girl’s name to get some information about a rival Facebook page from its admin.

When ESS first started out, did you expect it would turn into this?
Nothing lasts forever. We’d be naïve to think that transforming a closed society to an open one with no regulations would not affect the quality of the content, but “khaleehom yetsallo”.

If you were to become a super villain, what kind of evil thing would you do, and what would be your superpowers?
I’d go for people’s insecurities. If I am a super villain I’d go to a women’s gathering and say their real ages and run, or tell them they’re fat. No superpowers needed, although I might enjoy invisibility.

What TV series can you binge watch for weeks and not get bored?
Family Guy, Arrested Development and Game of Thrones.

If you could form a team to save the earth from imminent doom and you can only create said team from 1990s Egyptian actors and actresses, who would you choose?
I’ve always admired the overgrown actors of the 90’s like Hayatem or Ahmed Abd El Aziz. I might actually choose them. Plus the great Magdy Wahba, he looks devilishly badass. As well as Youssef Mansour with his bruce lee abilities and the marvelous 90’s Samir Ghanem.

Now form a team of your favorite people from the internet to defeat the 1990s Egyptian TV stars team and destroy the Earth.
Me and my workmates Ahmed Kamel and Ahmed Saad for pilots and warriors. Sherif Nagib to be our commander and chief since he’s the wisest. Hesham Mansour as our jock, because he can probably deceive enemies’ women and make them fall for his trap, and every team has a womanizer.

What do women want?
I’m the last person who should be asked this question, but If we knew what they wanted life would’ve been boring. Better, but boring.

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