3 Minute Interview from Twitterland – @Ternz

As a caricaturist, do you think Egypt is exceptionally good material for satire?

Incredibly so. All you need is to browse Egyptian news websites to know; terrorist puppets, spy birds, government-subsidized caviar, a van running into a an airplane!

What do you do when you’re not on Twitter?

Thinking up tweets. Other than that, I’m a lawyer, husband, father of one and expected father of another.


Why do artists have to be starving?

 Because it’s more stylish! And it’s a hassle to convince anyone to pay you for something you had fun doing.


What are your favorite and least favorite things about Twitter?

I love meeting people with whom I share something in common. But I’m uncomfortable with how Twitter, and social media in general, jostle reality by offering a pale, addictive version thereof. The smarter the phone, the less social you become.   


Abla Fahita was dubbed a terrorist. Do you think your characters can get you in trouble one day?

I once drew a machine to help the government speed up the process of executing MB members; minutes after posting the cartoon I was dubbed a traitor, terrorist, and a verifiable member of the MB!

Who built the pyramids?

Egyptian bosses using extraterrestrial underpaid labor.


Who would win in a fight: Mehleb or The Riddler?

Some would choose The Riddler. However, Mehelb would mind-numb the poor guy to death before he knows what hit him.


Is the Egyptian student now an underachiever if they don’t invent something before they’re 14?

I don’t think so. We all know story of the girl from Menoufia who just invented “a machine that extracts inventions from the brains of children”. This will help in the case of the under-inventing student.


They say the average IQ in Egypt is 80 points (that is low average). Do you think that’s true?

Blasphemy. How can they say so? I don’t even need to refute that, but I will: Name a nation that found a way to cure AIDS, Corona C, rashes, dandruff, and acne with just one device, a device that magically turn these vanquished ailments into meatballs?

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