3 Minute Interview from Twitterland with @ElleDeEmme

If giraffes were to run the world, what would become of it?

Being a half giraffe myself, I can only assure you of how fun, peaceful and sophisticated they are. Also, wara2 3enab and 3asir asab would be mandatory for all nations alike.


Do you think us earthlings need to adjust our foreign policy with aliens?

Aliens are giving us the silent treatment. They aren’t interested in us anymore; we used, abused and ruined our planet. A zombie attack is, however, imminent. We might need to do something about it.


If Egypt is the mother of the world, who is the father?

Unknown. I guess that mainly explains all the mommy and daddy issues we, humans, have.


You’re stranded on the North Pole with David Bowie and Nadia El Gendy. What plan do you all come up with to escape the situation?

I’d use to Nadia El Gendy’s scream to send ultrasonic mayday across the ocean and I’d ask David to sing and talk to me about Iman while I stargaze and make snowmen and snowwomen.


Is Omar Suleiman alive? If so, where do you think he’d be?

Omar Suleiman is the real life Mr. X. He is an idea and ideas don’t die.


If Sponge Bob battled with Hamada Helal dressed us Sponge Bob, who would win?

Hamada dressed as Ezbonj Bob would totally wring Sponge Bob. I mean the guy is asfar kamouni, how do you beat that?


James Bond or James Dean?

James Bond is so full of himself…unless it’s Pierce Brosnan, then him, with chocolate-covered strawberries on the side. James Dean, non, he is a bad driver. Plus, I can’t pick a man whose hair looks better than mine. I have feelings.


Do you believe in life after love?

Oui! Life is what happens before, during and after love. Life doesn’t stop and love shouldn’t stop. #Rou7 lElNasYa7ob.

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