20 Years of Spice Girls; Let’s Celebrate With a Trip Down Memory Lane!

In spirit of the talk about there being a Spice Girls reunion tour for their 20th anniversary, allow us to take you back to the time when Spice Girls were the coolest thing ever!


  1. Redecorate your Room

You were definitely the opposite of cool if you didn’t have every wall in your room completely covered with posters, especially those of the Spice Girls. The coolest place to hang them was, of course, on the back of your door. Whether it’s a poster of their new album or a signed picture of a photo shoot, Spice Girls had to be present in your room!

Not to forget the kiosk where you would be the cool magazines that had these posters; Top of the Pops was everyone’s favorite. There were a few very well known popular kiosks that sold the magazines everyone wanted.


  1. Take Spice Girls to School with you

Spice Girls stationary was a big thing! Your backpack, pencil case, lunch box, pens and pencils all had to show off Spice Girls! Also, bragging about your new Spice Girls water bottle was such an honorable moment that would make you the “It Girl” for the day.

hair style

  1. The Hair Situation

Depending on how open-minded your parents were, you would create a new Spice Girls inspired hairstyle.  To get Pigtails like “Baby” or go ginger like “Ginger”, you had to do something with your hair. Of course for the more conservative there was always temporary hair mascara!


  1. Pimp up your Shoes

You couldn’t simply wear normal shoes or sneakers; you had to get the sneakers with the ridiculously high wedges, probably one of the most uncomfortable shoes, but fashion comes before comfort!

whos who

  1. Who’s Who?

With your group of close friends, you would constantly have the discussion/daydream of which Spice Girl you are, these discussions easily turned into fights.

nawal and spice girls

  1. Even Nawal was a Spice Girls Copycat

Spice girls were so cool even Nawal El Zoghbi felt the need to copy them. If you take a moment to recall their “Holler” video clip and her “???? ???????”, you will see more than just similarities!


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