20 Signs You’re a Bookaholic

  1. You never really have free time since you just finished a book and need to start a new one.
  2. You love to customize your own bookmarks.
  3. You love winter because hot chocolate and books are just the perfect mix.
  4. You never buy a book without knowing it very well beforehand.
  5. You don’t like to get books as gifts.
  6. You have a passion for reorganizing your bookshelves.
  7. You cry whenever your hero dies.
  8. You always talk about books.
  9. You get really emotional whenever you read a romantic book.
  10. You wonder if the author is married because he is becoming your real hero.
  11. You feel you’re in a crisis whenever you can’t choose the right book.
  12. You run like a zombie to bookstores.
  13. You always have a note for book reviews.
  14. You love to daydream about the book you are reading.
  15. You check the quotes of your favorite books whenever you have nothing to do.
  16. You have a certain shelf for your favorite writer or novelist.
  17. You search for biographies of your favorite authors.
  18. You stay up late at night to finish a good book.
  19. You spend all your money on books.
  20. You don’t allow anyone to come near your bookshelves.


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