15 Ways to Survive Bedroom Hazards

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1) Never have sexual intercourse with your partner if you don’t feel like it. Seriously, you will end up either faking it and that’s not so good, or you will live with that for the rest of your life because they will not get used to rejection and you will always be the one who will do it any time that they please.

2) Building on that Always expect rejection when initiating sex because it’s supposed to be a fun and joyful activity, so if your partner doesn’t feel like it and you get upset when they reject you; they will end up feeling bad and doing it as a homework or a mission.

3) During foreplay right before intercourse please don’t argue about who will get up and go bring the condoms from the bathroom, it kills everything. Just always keep them in the drawer beside you or just drag it on your way to the location of intercourse if you have time.

4) Do not by any means discuss if it’s time for kids during foreplay or intercourse, this will either create tension if one of you strongly doesn’t want any kids now, or you will both be so sunk in the moment and will just decide to let go and BAM you’re pregnant!

5) Do not argue about which flavor or type of condom to use today..just use any one, they all do the same job.

6) For the ladies: This might sound old fashioned but trust me it works; don’t let your body specials ALWAYS available.. Let him miss them and always crave for more.

7) Ladies: Don’t expect your man to cuddle after sex, they just don’t work this way…and if he does; it’s a bonus and you should appreciate it.

8) Don’t EVER skip on your hygiene. You never know when it’s coming.

9) Please stop the whole darkness thing. “I’m shy to get undressed in front of you”… He’s your husband, allow him the honor to appreciate.

10) Avoid the bathroom please. Its too slippery, uncomfortable and very dangerous.

11) Don’t force your partner to do a certain position or action. They will end up not enjoying and getting out of the mood. Remember..we are not all the same.

12) Don’t do it in the street in a car or any vehicle for that matter. You’ll get caught and you sure don’t want that.

13) Don’t ever have sex with the TV on. You’ll be expressing your pleasure and your partner will be cracking up at Fraiser!

14) Watch where you choose to have sex. It might be a spot where your neighbors can see or hear you… then you’ll start getting all those weird winks, smiles and thumbs up in the morning.

15) Last thing to avoid. Avoid thinking too much about it, it’s the core of your relationship and if you secure joy in that…your life will be a whole lot better!

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