Powerful is Sexy – 8 Steps to being effortlessly sexy

 Here are 8 ways to look, sound and feel sexy from the inside. Be a powerful player in your field of work, a decision maker and leader.



  • Be mindful of your language to yourself. Is it critical and negative? Being conscious of how you get yourself motivated is key in how you will perform. Talk yourself up like a cheerleader on the sidelines of an important game. You have control over your mindset, but most people allow their mood to dictate the day. You can actually reverse that, and allow positive thought and energy to flood through your thought process. Right as you start your day, attract to your thoughts everything positive you’d like to happen or feel. Positive thoughts attract positive energy which is contagious and will affect everyone around you.


  • Ever met a girl who inspired you to be more? Something about her, or what she has going on for her, just captivated you enough to kick-start the desire to change or grow. Look around for people that possess qualities of a leader or embody your definition of success. Adopt the traits and habits of people who inspire you until they become your own. Defy the obstacles of fear, and be ruthless when it comes to how much drive and determination you put into your life, work or self. Nothing is better than investing in yourself.


  • Be fierce and always speak your mind. If you ever feel too intimidated to speak up when you have something to say, say it even if it comes out in a stutter. Don’t let the fear of being judged stop you from being bold and proactive in your life. Leaders grab the bull by the horn and take control of any and every situation; especially the ones that make them cringe from being uncomfortable. Tell yourself it is guts over fear and if it feels uncomfortable, then you are surely growing.


  • Set realistic goals for yourself. Start off by envisioning where you want to be in your life. Begin with personal goals, because when you feel like you’re put together, everything else falls into place. Three self care elements in your personal life that you should assess and set achievable goals for are; spirit, mind and body. Set goals for your mind by deciding what kind of self-development you feel will give you a competitive edge amongst the rest. For your body, every woman knows her body and health and what it is it needs. Clean eating and more exercise maybe? For your spirit, to each her own personal journey.


  • Listen closely to your gut. It uses a language without words and serves to protect you. Your instincts have been probably more accurate than what you wish to admit. You have intuition and this is how your soul communicates to you. Whenever you feel that nagging feeling you’d like to ignore, stop and listen closely. The truth it offers you is priceless.


  • Take risks… say what you know most people are thinking but are afraid to speak up about. When you are bold, you show the true colors of a leader. And that will always grant you respect. Being blunt, however, is a tasteful art that can often be blurry to some. Always apply the art of diplomacy to everything you say. Remember: you can kill more bees with honey than with vinegar.


  • Innovate. Bring fresh blood and insight to anything you do, especially in your professional life. If you’re going to work 5 days a week at a job then make sure you do it giving all you’ve got. Keep yourself educated with everything related to your industry, so you stay razor sharp alert and ready for opportunity to come knocking. Find ways to bring out-of-the-box approaches to your work. No hard work ever goes unnoticed.


  • Keep your nose clean from office politics and gossip. Yes, it’s tempting to indulge in the gossip and the cliques that are formed. We women are naturally curious. And that, my ladies, killed the damn cat! It will also be a quick way for your career to nose-dive. A real lady boss will skip on the petty office discussions and focus on how to advance and shine.


  • Last but not least be grateful and count your blessings. Make a daily list of 3 things you feel blessed for.



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