11 Years of Real Tales: Editor’s Note May/June 2017

Dear Readers,

When I was a little girl my father always used to tell me how I could do anything I put my mind to. For every time I would say, “I can’t” he would tell me “yes, you can” and show me how. Whenever I would give up he would pull me up, tell me to dust myself off and try again. 

I have never really come to understand this until I grew up and realized how all my life I have been guided and protected by the values and principles that my father instilled in me. He taught me how to fight for those who can’t, how to stand up for what I believe in and how to never let go of my dreams no matter how far they may seem. He showed me how to challenge the universe and that it was perfectly okay to have a dirty laugh!

He showed me the value of hard work through often unorthodox ways, which back then I wouldn’t comprehend nor appreciate, but years later I would understand how he was preparing me for the future.

It does take a village to raise a child and it does take a courageous father to raise a strong girl and give her a bold voice. On our 11 Year Anniversary I dedicate this issue to my father, who always had my back, even at times when I refused to see it. To my father who showed me what being a real man is all about when he would walk me to the kindergarten every morning, hold my hand every single night until I would fall asleep and who supported every crazy idea I brought home with me.

It all starts at home, with a father who is not afraid of his daughter.

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