11 Times Putin was the Ultimate Bond Villain

Vladimir Putin is not only the President of Russia, but also the perfect example for a Bond villain. He is cunning, influential, and somehow seems to be good at everything. He’s also very, very scary.

Here are 11 moments when Putin displayed his prowess at being the epitome of what a villain should be:








1. When he gave this perfect Kubrick Glare



2. When he was surprisingly motherly 



3. When he casually strolled down that stream, shirtless, in front of a camera



4. When he snuggled that puppy



5. And that cheetah



6. And those dolphins…



7. When he proved he can swim better than plenty of 20 year olds



8. And then kick their butts in a Judo match



9. When he munched on an ice cream cone and still terrified us



10. When he decided shirtless horseback riding is not out of style



11. Then thought “I’m Putin! A horse won’t cut it!” and instead rode a bear


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