10 Ways Egypt Changes During Ramadan

Ramadan starts tomorrow! Today, you probably splurged on your morning coffee in farewell to it; you might be thinking you’ll have a junk food Combo or Koshary for lunch because you know you won’t be eating them for the next 30 days.  You also might decide to stay in and binge the foreign show you’ve been watching on Netflix so you’ll make time for all the mosalsalat you have lined up. Ramadan comes and we say goodbye to morning coffee, foreign TV, and normal sleeping schedules! But, we say hello to catchy commercials, great mosalsalat, and wholesome Ramadan nights. Here are 10 ways Egypt changes during Ramadan!

  1. Everywhere lights up

Everyone brings their decorative A game in Ramadan! You probably got out the Fawanees and gave your apartment an extra zhuzh in preparation for the gatherings you already made plans for! Whether it’s the malls or your home, Egypt is so much brighter in Ramadan!

  1. Shorter Working Hours

The working day becomes 6 hours instead of 8. You might be getting an extra hour of sleep in the morning or getting home early enough to prepare the Qatayef.

  1. Egyptian Memes Become Next Level

It’s a well-known fact that Egyptians’ sense of humor significantly improves on special occasions.

  1. The TV Becomes Much More Interesting

Everyone’s already talking about the mosalsal they plan to religiously watch. But, commercials are a huge part of Ramadan too.  From funny to heartwarming to artistic, commercials are definitely a Ramadan highlight.

  1. Staying up Late is never lonely

Ahmed Helmy in Xlarge
Ahmed Helmy in Xlarge

In normal times, the moon is your only friend at 3 AM. In Ramadan though, everyone is! You won’t be making the shameful trip to the fridge alone and in the dark, you’ll be having shame-free sohour with company.

  1. Food Inventions Become Extra Creative


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Ever since the Konafa Bel Manga first made an appearance back in 2012, Egyptian Halawanis have been taking desserts to the next level every year. From Cheese-stuffed Falafel to Lotus Konafa, foodies thrive in Ramadan! Also, let’s not forget about the classic that just doesn’t taste the same any other time of year, the Sambousa/k.

  1. The mesa7araty shows up

Sayed Ragab in Ramadan Kareem
Sayed Ragab in Ramadan Kareem

Even though times have evolved and you’re probably never actually sleeping when you hear his drums, an alarm just doesn’t compare to the sense of warmth the mesa7araty gives us.

  1. There are more opportunities to do some good

If you were ever looking to do some charity work, Ramadan is definitely the time for it. Check out these great organizations to help you out, Al-Orman, Masr El Kheir, Mersal, and Resala.

  1. Family time becomes a must

Still from Al Tagroba Al Denmarkeya
Still from Al Tagroba Al Denmarkeya

No more grabbing a quick lunch or having dinner in bed.  Whether you’re arguing on the dinner table, binge-watching together, fighting over the remote control, or reminding each other to drink water, families grow closer in Ramadan.

  1. Normal hangouts turn into Ramadan Nights

You probably already bought a Kaftan you’re saving for the outing you have lined up. Ramadan nights are filled with tea, desserts, games, and a delicious oriental sohour that brings everyone together!

Though we’ll definitely miss having coffee in the morning, we’re more than happy to have konafa that makes up for it. From our hearts to yours, Ramadan Kareem.


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