10 Special Characteristics of Special Needs Kids No One Knows About

There is beauty in having a child with special needs. Yes, everything in this world has two sides, some people tend to see the bad side of the situation and they only mention the difficulties they are going through, but they neglect to talk about its good side.

To be honest, no one can truly tell of the beauty of having a special needs kid except their families, friends, or teachers, or people who deal with them on a daily basis. I’m going to write about the best characteristics of special needs kids, as my younger brother is one of them. He is 20 years old, so we have been living together for 20 years!

  • They can tell the difference between a good person and a bad one.

I have no idea how they do it, but they can instinctively see through your soul and can feel what you’re feeling. You can misjudge someone, but they rarely do.

  • They will bring out the child inside you.

When you play with a little kid, you feel like you had a child inside of you that came out, so think about it this way; when you are with a child with special needs, they bring out that child within you, no matter how old they or you are.

  • They give the best and warmest hugs in the world.

I know that the warmest hug you can ever get is from your mother, but a hug from a special needs kids is just as warm, kind and loving.

  • They have protective instincts.

They can take care of you as much as you can take care of them, my brother does that all the time! He always makes sure we are okay and he understands danger and risks. He can also take good care of a baby. When we have guests over with their babies, he plays with them and closes the windows to keep them warm. He also follows them around to make sure they don’t hurt themselves.

  • They are very gifted.

You will find that most special needs kids are talented in different fields. Some of them in math, others in memorizing things merely by hearing or reading them once. Some of them speak other languages fluently; I come across a special needs girl whose English was so good, the school had to hire a British teacher just for her. You will find that most of them are great athletes; my brother is so good at running that he is only 7 seconds away from the Olympic record.

  • They are very affectionate.

They have very kind and loving personalities. They don’t hold grudges in their hearts; they just let go. There was a girl who used to go to school with my brother. She used to tell me, “My love for you is as big as the sea!” No one ever said anything like that to me before.

  • They have good manners.

Of all their wonderful characteristic, this is the best. Kids with special needs are polite and very respectful. You can see a normal kid talking to his father or mother in a very disrespectful way, and you may witness them being mean to other kids, but you will never see a special needs kid do the same.

  • They are happy most of the time.

Children with special needs tend to appreciate the little things in life. The way they think and act is very simple and pure, so much so that you can actually get jealous of them! They have their own pretty simple life with butterflies flying all around them.

  • They are very honest.

Kids with special needs simply never lie!

  • They are very organized.

They’re things are always tidy and they’re always organized in their surroundings.

By Mai Haroun


Instagram account: @maiharoun

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