10 Rules Every Married Couple Should Follow

If you’re still new to the whole marriage game, and don’t really know what the hell you are doing. Don’t worry we have got your back, you just need to abide by the following rules and you will be on the safe side.


  • Use the toilet with the door open I know you get to a point in marriage when you’re very comfortable around each other, almost too comfortable. But there is no reason to leave that door open, whether you realize it or not, you look very unattractive plus it’s such a turn off.
  • Get into a “routine” nothing kills a relationship like routine; don’t abolish the element of surprise just because you got them hooked. Try a surprise visit at the office or draw them a bubble bath when they get home.
  • Avoid stubbornness and choose your battles wisely. Even after marriage the lame arguments will remain so learn to let the little things go. Try to be more understanding and negotiate until you reach a compromise. And try to listen instead of just talking.
  • YELL! I don’t just mean during a fight. If your partner is out of earshot please get off the couch and go to them. Even though you don’t realize it yelling out their name or shouting out anything really gives out a very negative energy, plus you could use the exercise every now and then.
  • Continuously point out weaknesses most people do this with good intentions, to make their significant other a better person. But whether you realize it or not your really just putting them down. Try to find another way to do it, such as humor or setting the example yourself.  Look past their flaws whenever you can.
  • Neglect yourself Just because they have seen you at your worst doesn’t mean they shouldn’t see you at your best. Put in that extra effort to look good, when going out or even just around the house.
  • Speak them indirectly If you have something to say, say it to them directly. Don’t pretend you’re talking to your dog or to yourself. (i.e: we are already late, if only someone could get dressed faster!)
  • Comment on his driving skills nothing will depress him more. They all think they are amazing drivers so don’t burst their bubble. Unless it’s urgent just let them be.
  • Completely ignore them I know sometimes you spouse starts rambling on about something you are not interested in whatsoever. Don’t make your lack of interest obvious. Instead at least just nod along while you daydream.
  • Compliment them on the past For guys, don’t compliment her on an outfit that doesn’t fit her anymore. That’s just another way of telling her she gained weight. For girls, don’t compliment him on how he used to fix things around the house; to him it will sound like you’re telling him he’s useless.


Tip: Always say please and thank you, they go a long way. Never answer honestly when she asks you “honey does my butt look fat in this?”.

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