10 Make-up FAQ’s for a fabulous look!

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Q1: How much make up should I put in the morning?
       Less is better, especially if you are planning to be exposed directly to sun.
       Use powder blush, soft eye shadow colors that are matte, and eyeliner that is dark brown or slate gray rather than black, which can look too harsh in daylight.
       Lips can be any color, but use creamy lipsticks rather than matte ones. For mascara, choose black, except if you have blonde hair then you should use brown.
Q2: Does my make-up have to be the exact same color of my clothing?
Not necessarily. If you are wearing wardrobe colors like red or pink you can match your lipstick with that color. But avoid doing this with the blush and eye shadow. Use bois de rose, beiges, and similar neutral colors.  
Q3: How do I choose the lipstick color that will best suit my skin tone?
Generally your choice of lipstick should be based more on your hair color rather than your skin tone. Light blondes, for example can use wines, mauves and cappuccino colors. As for Brunettes and red heads, they suit earth colors (mud and browns), cinnamon and brown tinted reds.
Q4: So how do I get lipstick to stay on?
Before putting on lipstick you need to apply powder or foundation on your lips. This ought to keep it on all night!
Q5: Is it true that using a lip brush gives better results than the regular lipstick?
If your lips are small, it is best to use a lip brush; if your lips are large, the only reason to use a lip brush is to improve your accuracy; a lip brush gives you the most precision in applying lipstick.
Q6: How can I apply eyeliner without making a mess?
Position the pencil as close to the lash line as possible. Then draw a line from the inner to outer corner of the eye using one fluid stroke. Do not extend the line past the outer corner of the eye. Eyeliner on the upper lid should be a darker color than the line along the lower lid.
Q7: What about Foundation? How do I choose it? What is the best way to apply it?
Foundation should be the exact same color of your skin tone. Pour some foundation onto the sponge, and then transfer the foundation in dots and dabs all over the face and the eyelids. Use your sponge to blend the foundation down and out over the face.
Q8: What about Concealer?
Use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation. Apply it in a small arc around the inside corner of the eye. Using your fingertip, blend the concealer out evenly around the eye.
Q9: What brushes are needed for excellent application of the eye shadow?
Good brushes are essential for applying make-up. Use soft, pliable brushes. Avoid hard or stiff brushes. Use a brush that is the correct size for the area of the face you are working on; one for the wide application, another angled one for blending, and a final sharp one for lining.
Q10: Should mascara be applied before or after curling the eyelashes?
After is better. Try not to overuse the eyelash curler. Long run use of eyelash curler can result in weakening your eyelashes.
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