10 Eternal Hazards of Egyptians

We are funny, helpful, family loving and sometimes creative, but there are some eternal hazards that only belong to Egyptians.

  1. When you ask for change at the gas station, the guy always drops unneeded coins in your poor hand even if you need a 10 or 20 banknote just to make sure you’ll tip him.
  2. Egyptian waiters insist that the phrase ‘Last Order’ means that we are closed not that we will close after this order is taken. Every time!
  3. If you are going down the parking lot, you’ll always find a crammed up lane and a partially empty one. We have a strong belief that the universe might be conspiring against us so we follow a herd to feel safe.

    “We are so lazy when it comes to saying complete words or sentences. Words like Face (Facebook), Lab (Laptop), Tab (Tablet), and the latest What’s (WhatsApp)”

  4. No one has taken the initiative of boycotting call tones yet. You can call an esteemed school supervisor and find Sama El Masry singing before he answers. Whether you are calling your electrician, broker or maid, call tones are a sacred Egyptian habit.
  5. We are so lazy when it comes to saying complete words or sentences. Words like Face (Facebook), Lab (Laptop), Tab (Tablet), and the latest What’s (WhatsApp) are hazardous to our planet people!
  6. No matter how many minutes you were kept on phone waiting with elevator music in the background, the guy at the fast food chain won’t unleash you before he asks “Do you want cheesecake/apple pie/chocolate cake laziza ma3 el order”. It’s been a decade! Why is it always ‘laziza’?!
  7. We always make sure we have extra kids at home if one was harmed during a ride on our lap in the front seat or by being the fifth passenger on a motorbike.
  8. Old Egyptian ladies are great recycling advocates.  You can find sewing tools in cookie tins and drinking water in Seven Up bottles. They don’t care if you’re confused they store things like an Egyptian.
  9. No matter how many times you made it clear that you don’t want to see your car wipes flying every morning, the Sayes will keep them hanging to prove that he washed the car. Even if he didn’t.
  10. Even Egyptian animals are a league of their own. Have you noticed that lately street cats aren’t afraid from getting smashed by cars while crossing the streets in the laziest behavior?
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