10 Epic Arab Reactions to Battle of the Bastards!

Game of Thrones has been an international success for years, but it feels like it’s only this year when Arabs decided to finally join the online conversations about the series. We can’t be more grateful for it, though, because Arabs know how to make anything a hundred times more fun! This year’s Battle of the Bastards had us all on the edge of our seats. With Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow battling for Winterfell, we couldn’t possibly contain our excitement. Here are the absolute best Arab reactions to this episode. (WARNING: The Listicle is dark and full of spoilers!)


There were those who warned Against Spoilers

GoT 2



And those whose Inside Jokes can Only be Deciphered by someone who watched the Episode

GoT 3.



There was #TeamJon

GoT 8


And then there was #TeamRamsay

GoT 6


Those who got a little too attached to GoT

GoT 4


The Obvious Gloaters

GoT 7


There was some Genuine Concern regarding Ramsay’s Dogs

GoT 10



And, of course, the inevitable Jokester…

GoT 1


A Beautiful Hybrid of Game of Thrones and Grand Hotel took place in some corners of the Internet 

GoT 5


But at least our hearts didn’t shatter to a thousand pieces this time…

GoT 9


You can check out more of the funny Game of Thrones memes posted in this article on Facebook here

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