10 Classic Types of Egyptian Men I Wouldn’t Date:

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1.      Mama’s Boy: The mama’s boys of the world are a type you need to steer clear from because you’ll always suffer from the mother’s never ending interference in your life. You’ll never have any privacy because he shares everything with her and will always expect you to be like his mama! Now don’t get me wrong, a man’s relation with his mother is a huge indicator to how good of a family man he is but the extra sticky mama-boy relation is a turn off.


2.      Mr. Know it All: There’s nothing more that I could possibly hate than a smart aleck who never stops showing off. We’ve all met guys who as soon as any discussion begins, start dissing any counter argument to their own and stating facts about everything while most of whatever they says probably doesn’t make sense but they just have to show off how they are well aware of almost anything. Tip: If a girl needed information she’ll use an encyclopedia not a boyfriend.


3.      Egotistical Bob: In a relationship, women are mostly seeking a partner to complete them, someone who’s there to listen, to worry about things that can possibly make them blue and someone who makes them feel that they’re even more important than his favorite football team. Yes… this is what we want; again I stress “want”. What we have is another story, BUT we won’t settle for someone will do nothing but talk endlessly about himself, his likes and dislikes, recounting his life story over and over like he’s Mohamed Ali. That’s a big no no, guys please don’t do that.


4.      The Gym-oholic: How many times were you walking down the street and saw this really huge dude with a figure like an ice cream cone wearing what couldn’t possibly be anything other than his 15 year old sister’s tank top with muscles bulging out of all the wrong places? This guy will always talk about the gym, will consider the gym the sun that his world revolves around, will have a topless profile picture on Facebook and will consider the highlight of his day the time spent at the gym NOT the time he spent with you and you deserve better.


5.      Joe Cool: Now this type is the funniest and easiest to spot. He’s always the one with the sports car that has some funky bumper sticker with slogans like “Life is too short to date ugly girls”. He’s always wearing all the colors of the rainbow while maintaining the look of a West Coast gangster. His car always sounds like a night club and he’ll always be wearing sunglasses, night or day. Girls don’t want to date guys who look like they’ve escaped the circus, a woman want to be with a man who well… looks like one.


6.      The Miser: Believe it or not, a friend of mine was engaged to a guy who once refused to buy her ice cream because he didn’t want to cash 20 LE!! This was the deal breaker and to this day we poke fun at the guy who wouldn’t buy his fiancée ice cream. Out of all things, being stingy is the one thing that a woman won’t bear with. A woman needs to know her partner can take care of her, willing to go an extra mile to make her happy and won’t refrain from the occasional flowers bouquet or box of chocolates. Being cheap will take you nowhere man.


7.      Needy Mido: Every woman dreams about the man who shows his love and makes her positive that she’s the one but this type is overly emotional and will call you a 100 times a day to say I love you after texting you a 100 more. Too much of something is bad enough if I may quote the Spice Girls. Being too clingy could turn on you because you start to annoy the hell out of your woman. Yes she wants to know you love her but she would also like some space. The Needy Guy also doubts himself and is in constant need for reassurance about the relationship.


8.      The Pervert: This is the type of guy who will keep eyeing every woman in the room but his own. He will keep on checking out girls all the time, crudely commenting on every woman that passes in front of his eyes and flirts with the waitress while you’re there. He will brag about his previous “conquests” and lacks respect for women. You don’t want to be with a chauvinistic airhead do you?


9.      Workaholic Hotshot: Spending time lots of quality time is probably the best way to guarantee a healthy relationship, however with the workaholic hotshot you’re most likely not getting any. He’s always suited up and his best buddy is his blackberry. He’ll always be excusing himself while you’re together to make phone calls and all your conversations will revolve around his business achievements. You don’t need that in your life if you can be with someone else more interested in you.


10.  The Control Freak: Talk about saving the best for last, this type of man is the most common in Egypt. He’s the one set out to control your every move and will not take NO for an answer. He decides how your life should be, what to wear, what not to wear, who you can or can’t talk to. This type is the worst because a man who is confident of himself and trusts you will not dictate the terms of how you live your life by letting his insecurities ruin your relationship.

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