10 characteristics of people who like to read Mickey!

We hear the name Mickey Mouse and suddenly, a goofy-like smile shows up on our faces. You think age makes a difference? Oh no, trust me! I’d like to think that even men in their fifties and older still enjoy reading Mickey from time to time. This magical magazine is a perfect pastime for all ages, any hour of the day and in any situation.

Though, if you think about it, you can immediately recognize a few characteristics in a Mickey Mouse magazine fan. Here are the most common ten:

  1. Friendly

When you pass by a stranger, on your first day of college for instance, and you see this person clutching Mickey’s newest edition and is completely absorbed in it, the first thought that pops into your head is ‘Wow! Now he/she can be my friend! Easy to approach!’

  1. Funny

When you’ve been reading Mickey for years, you create an endless supply to a light sense of humor and a little bit of sarcasm; ones that people love being around.

  1. Innocent

No matter what hardships and rough days life throws at you, Mickey allows you to keep a small part of your childhood innocence. It just bubbles to the surface when you pick up the magazine.

  1. Creative

Oh dear, how your imagination grows! The more you read the stories, the more wild your imagination runs, the more free you feel whenever you’re writing a story of your own or drawing something. You learn to see things from a perfectly cartoonish perspective.

  1. Colorful

These people enjoy the touch of colors. Sometimes they like seeing things in color; they attribute colors to people, objects and even situations around them. In their brains, it’s like a color explosion from time to time.

  1. Dedicated

Well, we haven’t given up on the magazine because we simply grew up. We’re forever dedicated to it, waking up to get the new edition before we go to school/work. We’ll forever be children in that respect.

  1. Original

Even though lots of modern things come out, technologies evolve and e-books are taking over physical ones, readers of Mickey will always be original and loyal to the classic method of reading it. It feels different to touch the magazine; somehow, the stories make more sense.

  1. Animated

Sometimes readers of Mickey feel a bit cartoon-ish. They’re very active, energetic and so full of life.

  1. Childish

Well, yeah most of the readers are grown-ups, but they’re ones who know how to reach the child deep in their souls.

  1. Warmhearted

Basically, they’re amazing, lovable people. You immediately feel comfortable talking to them about what happened in this week’s issue and you feel no shame because they have a big heart and they understand your all-Mickey-Mouse-fangirling.


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