الرجوله ادب: Editor’s Note FEB/March 2018 Issue

Dear Readers,
Since my father suddenly passed away my life literally turned upside down. As if life abruptly pulled away the carpet from under my feet, so I stumbled and fell flat out on my face.
Suddenly, things don’t make sense and what had fulfilled me before is not serving me anymore. Dealing with grief, loss and separation changed my life tremendously and still is. As if I am painfully reminded of how short life is and that it is better spent doing something of value and purpose. It made me reshuffle my priorities and I realized that for so many years I wasn’t consciously living the way I wanted. I was absorbed in things I thought are my choices, but the crossroad I found myself in since I buried my dearest, has taught me otherwise.
The beauty of life is that you are given chances to reinvent yourself or change your course. Sometimes these chances stem from pain and loss, yet guide you to a new path. All the time I was telling myself that I want my old life back refusing this drastic change that overwhelmed me completely and then I realized that we don’t go back in time. There will be a new “normal” with a new set of emotions that are unlocked through grief and pain.
There is always a chance to change your path, beliefs and convictions. It’s never too late for life changing revelations and whatever you choose it’s always okay.
I will leave you with a quote from my favorite modern poet Nayyirah Waheed, “let a new life happen to you”.
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