Waraha Kessa: Baheya & Novartis Egypt Create Storytelling Platform Transforming the Narrative on Breast Cancer!

Waraha Kessa

Baheya Foundation and Novartis Egypt are partnering to put a spotlight on breast cancer heroes in Egypt. On Breast Cancer Awareness month which runs throughout October, both organizations have jointly launched Waraha Kessa (#وراها_قصة ). Waraha Kessa is an uplifting platform for women living with breast cancer. However, its main aim is for them to share their inspiring journeys marking the transformation of fear to hope.

The Inspiring Stories of Egypt’s Breast Cancer Heroes

The campaign aims to uproot the fear-based narrative on the most common type of cancer affecting women in Egypt. Therefore, replacing it with a story about the compelling possibility of creating unimaginable stories of triumph over adversity.

Waraha Kessa

The campaign’s iconic butterfly motion symbolizes the transformation journey in a prelude to a series of touching videos. Consequently, these videos share the stories of six unique women affected by breast cancer, as patients or as caregivers. Including Nour Ali Shoukry, Nour Azazy, Ghada Salah El Din, Maha Nour, Shimaa El Basha, and Dina El Bahnassy.

Celebrities, fashion designers, athletes, in addition to lifestyle influencers, have already come together to support the campaign. Resulting in each posting their own butterfly motion with their hands joined and the campaign’s hashtag (#وراها_قصة ). Moreover, now changing their profile picture frame to the campaign’s butterfly frame to encourage others to join and reinforce a wider message of hope.

Bringing the Campaign to Life

To bring the campaign to life, Alwan W Awtar, came on board with patients, their loved ones, healthcare professionals as well as members of both Baheya and Novartis Egypt to paint a massive butterfly mural on-site at Baheya’s new premises. The mural celebrates breast cancer hero stories. Most importantly, it translates their stories into an enduring message of hope, reminding everyone that they are not alone.

Show your support for the incredible women who have faced breast cancer by changing your profile picture or posting your own butterfly story with the hashtag #وراها_قصة

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