These stunners got cheated on and society still blames you for not taking care of yourself?

There is a tendency that whatever the circumstances, when a man cheats on his partner, society decides that it is the woman’s fault. As soon as the scandal hits people’s ears, comments on her appearance begin and comparisons between her looks and the looks of the woman he cheated with begin. All too soon, a complex and private situation, is simplified into a question of appearance alone. And these whispering by society started can have a very damaging impact, as Family Consellations Theraphist, Bassant El Menshawy makes clear, “a woman being made to feel not beautiful enough or not feminine enough is enough to break her.”

But in reality, when it comes to why a man cheats on his partner, looks have very little to do with it. As Bassant explains, “cheating can happen for a number of reasons, usually due to both individuals in a relationship speaking different languages of love. Or sometimes a man has things from his past through observing his parent’s relationship that makes him inclined to cheat.” And that is something no amount of good looks can change. And to prove that, here are 7 georgously stunning celebrities that got cheated on regardless of their appearance!

Elizabeth Hurley

The number one “it” couple back in the 1990s was gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley and seemingly charming Hugh Grant. After 8 years of marriage, Hugh was arrested with a certain Divine Brown for performing sexual acts in a public place, causing a huge public scandal. Elizabeth held her head high and despite criticism chose to stay with her unfaithful man for another 5 years.

Sophia Bush

This is a story that shows the amazing strength of women in the face of heartbreak. After a short 5 month marriage, the stunning Sophia from One Tree Hill was cheated on by her co-star Chad Michael Murray. Despite the heartbreak from the breakdown of their marriage, she continued to work closely on set with him for another half a decade, because she was a true professional and was determined to put her career first.

Denise Richards

International sex symbol Denise Richards proves that it isn’t looks that keep a man faithful. Her ex-husband Charlie Sheen definitely lives an interesting lifestyle (drinking, sex and a lot of drugs), so it isn’t really a big surprise that he cheated regardless of the beauty of his bride. And not just once, but multiple times before the couple finally split in 2006.

Sienna Miller

Jude Law and Sienna Miller’s whirldwind engagement was full of scandal and cheating on both parts. Jude however pulled the first punch against his glamorous fiancé when he ended up engaged in sexual activities with the nanny. Sienna ended their relationship in response but not before taking her revenge through publicly hooking up with Daniel Craig. Good looks don’t protect from broken hearts on both sides in this case.

Halle Berry

After four years of marriage, Eric Bennett and Halle Berry broke up. Her gorgeous good looks did not prevent him from cheating multiple times in their marriage. Struggling with a sex addiction, Ms. Berry did her best to stand by his side and offer her support for several years, before finally ending the relationship, unable to deal with the continuous cycle of heartbreaks and dishonesty.

Gwen Stefani

No matter how beautiful you are, every woman’s worst nightmare that their husband is secretly seeing the nanny, could be a reality. That was the case for Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale who after fourteen years of marriage broke down in 2015 when the affair was discovered. Despite his misdemeanors, Rossdale still somehow managed to gain joint-custody of the children, leaving Gwen without a husband, and with her children for only half the time!

Shania Twain

The award for the ultimate story of betrayal belongs to Shania Twain who found out that Mutt Lange, her husband of 20 years was having an affair with her best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Marie-Anne’s ex-husband Frederic Thiebaud and Shania Twain united over their jointly broken hearts as a result of the affair and ended up themselves married in 2011. So from an awful situation, there is the silver lining that Shania has hopefully found happiness now!

So when you hear the news of a cheating scandal, or worse, if you yourself are cheated on, remember what the experts like Bassant say and these gorgeous women prove: the appearance of the woman isn’t the cause! The causes are complex and private, and society’s speculation that it is always the woman’s fault definitely doesn’t help anyone.

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