Sex and Drugs – When the Magic Turns Against the Magician

If you have any personal experience with drugs, then you probably believe that they boost your sex drive.You know what? You are absolutely correct!

The truth of the matter is that drug abuse, especially of cocaine and heroin, boosts your sex drive and fuels the passion between couples. This information is based on a study made by a group of researches in Concordia University in 2010 about the effects of drug and alcohol addiction on sexual ability. But wait! This study also reveals that this effect is very short-term! The magic soon turns against the magician and the drug abuser experiences sexual dysfunctions. These include erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men, and vaginal dryness and loss of libido in women.

These dysfunctional side effects are not only associated with heavy drugs like cocaine and heroin or their intravenous, commonly known as Speedball. They are also common with less addictive drugs the likes of cannabis and marijuana. This was brought forward by the University of Granada in Spain through a study whose results were published in the newsletter of the International Society for Sexual Medicine. It was also publicized on and the British Daily Mail in January 2013.

The study was performed on a sample of 905 male participants of which 549 either took drugs at the time or were drug abusers in the past. Its results show that:

1 Abuse of marijuana and other plant-based drugs caused erectile dysfunction overtime.

2 Cocaine, heroin and Speed abuse caused noticeable negative effects on orgasms towards the end of sexual encounters.

3 Sexual performance of current and past drug abusers is noticeably lower, as compared to individuals who had never abused drugs before.

The study mentioned that negative side effects of drug abuse on sexual performance in men can extend to more than a year after complete rehabilitation. From another standpoint, drug abuse negatively affects the immune system and makes the body more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, in addition to the fact that abusers are not completely aware of their decisions when they are under the influence. Drug abuse also reduces sperm production and thus fertility, and makes women more prone to undesired pregnancies from unwanted or anonymous partners.

Finally, social and scientific researches and studies all agree that drug addicts do not enjoy proper social, psychological or sexual relationships due to the negative effects of drug abuse on their communication abilities and the distrust they experience from others.

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