Fashion and beauty guru Zedified reveals her verdict on Garnier Pure Active face washes!

Radwa El-Ziki, better known as @zedified_ is one of the most popular bloggers taking the fashion and beauty scene in Cairo by storm! So what better person to ask for the top beauty tips? We invited her to our beauty studio to give us her expert opinion on Garnier’s Pure Active 3 in 1 and Neem Purifying Face Wash.

Let’s first give you a glimpse into the products and how they work:
Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1: is a wash, scrub and mask that will help you remove excess sebum, unclog pores and unify skin tone.
Garnier Neem Purifying Face Wash: contains Neem leaf extract and tea tree oil that will help prevent acne and remove access oil from skin.

What did Radwa have to say?
Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 is designed for oily and combination skin, it is perfect for people who have oily skin just like me. My usual skin routine involves washing my face everyday, using a scrub three times a week and using a mask once or twice a week. That requires a lot of products! So this 3 in 1 is so convenient because instead of carrying around lots of different products, you only need the one to do everything! You can even take it when you are traveling..”

The Neem Purifying Face Wash was particularly my favorite. It removes excess oils and impurities, we all need that especially after long days in Cairo. It also contains tea-tree extracts which helps with preventing acne.”

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