Do you Know What Women Want?

Aida El Ayoubi – Singer
JAN/FEB 2012

“It’s very important for a woman to have a nice home for her family. Other women prefer career than family but it all depends on the personality. For me, my family is my major concern.”


Menna Shalaby – Actress 
NOV 2009

“Security, happiness,  success and accomplishment in what she does be it her home, work or life.”


Julianne Moore – Actress
NOV 2010

“I think what we’re most interested in is balancing our family and career. I think that’s the most challenging thing for any of us. I think, for men and women. Maybe particularly women because we feel we have different sets of expectations in terms of being a parent. That’s certainly what I wanted and that’s something I talk to my children about, too, it is valuable to have a family but equally valuable to have work that you care about.”


Khaled Abdallah – Actor & Director 
JAN 2011

“for that question I don’t have an answer, but I think the willingness to get over the daily problems and trouble, that keeps the relation alive between the man and the woman. And of course there must be love and respect.”


Sherif Mounir – Actor
JULY 2009

“Money, pretty dresses, makeup, traveling. In the end, all women are the same. Same jealousy, same nagging and so on. I am a macho I must admit.”

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