Chocolate Bliss at Four Seasons Nile Plaza

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Pastry Chef Angelo Reuse brings 15 years of experience and a brigade of innovative and creative desserts to Four Seasons Nile Plaza and to all who have tried and sampled his artistic pastry creation will note his excitement and flair for the extraordinary. As a Swiss national, his passion is chocolate. His elaborate show pieces can be seen in the hotel’s Lobby Lounge and Zitouni restaurants. The unique feature being, the chocolate is made from scratch, it is all homemade.

Attracting a myriad of visitors from all cultures and catering to various tastes, Chef Angelo says, “Guests have chocolate favorites, Egyptians and Middle-Eastern guests prefer sweet and creamier milk chocolate, while Europeans prefer bitter and less sweet alternatives”. And to all of you who are weight conscience, “We will be offering diet chocolate upon request” adds Chef Angelo.

One of the best places to indulge is at the Chocolate Buffet. The warm and cozy Lobby Lounge is a haven where chocoholics congregate with friends on Thursday and Fridays to savor irresistible confections, ranging from mousses, cakes, tarts and fresh pralines. The centre of attraction is the "chocolate fountain" which allows you to dip your favorite strawberry or marshmallow in a pool of cocoa heaven.

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