Fi Ard El Helm

Mena Fawzi, the author, tells the story of an Egyptian girl, Habiba in her twenties, who migrates to America in hopes of finding what is called the “American Dream.”  Escaping the adult supervision of her uncle and searching for better possibilities, she decides to go study in the US while living with a Hispanic roommate, Tia, who becomes her friends and family in the diaspora. In search of options in order to prolong her stay in the land of the dream, she is faced with the difficult decision to marry someone on paper to help her get the green card, so she can continue staying in her dream life away from her uncle.
The story is relatable to many of those who might have done the same when going to the US. It puts the reader in a seat as if they are watching a movie about girl’s life unfolding one page at a time.

 The main message of the book is one might be looking for the land of the dream, when the dream may be in any land as long as we find true love and stay true to ourselves; the dream is where we make it to be regardless of the country.

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