Life of Pi

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Based on Yann Martel’s novel turned into an IMAX 3D adventure of a young boy named Pi Patel, who survives a shipwreck along with a Bengal tiger taking on the wide Pacific Ocean in a lifeboat facing all its inhabitants and the uncertain nature of it for 227 days. The story begins after Pi’s father decides to close the zoo they own and move to Canada taking all their animals along in the passage. While at sea the ship sinks with its crew, Pi’s family dies, and he finds himself stranded along with other animals. When he unexpectedly discovers the tiger named Richard Parker, Pi fishes food for it to keep it satisfied.

After washing up on the shores of Mexico, he had to face officials investigating the shipwreck, and when they don’t believe his story, he makes up another one depicting his mother and a cook instead of the zebra, hyena, and the tiger. Being raised as an Indian Hindu, he was introduced to Christianity and Islam, which made his journey full of courage, spirituality, and faith as well as unforgettable adventure. The film is visually extraordinary and is to keep you dreaming about what life at sea was like let alone with wild animals.

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