The Anger, the Fury, the Uproar!

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I am angry, I am angry today, I was angry yesterday and I am constantly angry. Everybody is angry. It’s like we just woke up one day and we’re fed up of it all.

The slavery, the lies, the superficiality everywhere; watching humans destroy, watching them steal, watching them oppress and suppress, and watching them step onto fellow humans. We are mad. So mad and we can’t take it in anymore.

We’ve tried the whole bunch: the workouts, the dance classes, meditation? Praying? Getting married? Getting laid? Kickboxing the shit out of a sandbag? Nothing seems to make it any better.

Close your eyes.

This world pulls us towards two ends, one of rock and roll, alcohol, junk food, fashion, fame, porn, Hollywood, skinny legs, 10.000-dollar bags and the other of extreme religious beliefs and forms of superficial-spirituality (if that word even exists), drowning all the previous toxic delights under the notion that you are doing just fine. That is of course if they hadn’t already sent us to psychiatrists and got us all drugged and groggy.

I am angry, angry at myself, angry at my friends, angry at my family and most of all angry with LIFE.

You think that the revolution we Egyptians had was what? Just some political act? You think everyone revolting in this world has any purpose anymore? You judge street boys as barbarians? I’d tell you one thing: we are all becoming uncivilized barbarians. We are all trying to find a strand of hair to hang on to, some hope, someone that would tell us everything will be ok and we are all boiling with rage and if you don’t feel it, then its about time you allowed yourself to feel it coming deep down from your gut, your hands and your skin.  

SCREAM: I am angry

It feels like I’ve always been in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. With everyone giving me superstitious advice on being happy, being optimistic and the rage just keeps on growing stronger. Who are you? Why can’t I see the world through pink colored glasses anymore?

ANGER! Everyone seems to talk about freedom like it was an option. Well I’ll tell you this: that freedom of yours? Costs you MONEY. You think you’re free? Try going anywhere in this world without money, got it? Even the simplest form of freedom taken for granted turned out to be another big fat lie. We’re stuck. You’re stuck, stuck in a hole until you can have the money for it, stuck in a hole until you can afford the standard of life and price tag that today gets you respect.

Our mood swings seem to be going from high ups to deep lows. Extreme happiness for a second, swinging lower to indifference and denial, before crashing down to extreme hatred, hatred of it all.

I only think people should start expressing their anger or being allowed to, before this anger turns into rage, turns into fury that literally destroys everything around it. I’m telling you this because a lot of you do not understand the strikes, the riots, and the objection of so many people in such little time these past two years. I didn’t get it at first, but then I took one look at myself and another look at my life, a glance at reality and my surroundings and I felt the bubbles of rage coming up.


While everybody sat in their comfort zones, others grew angrier by the minute and it’s not about politics anymore, it’s about humanity. Unfortunately, it’s too late and there is no Dark Knight to come down and save you from what you have brought upon yourself.

They say “control your anger before it controls you”, but it’s that exact sense of control that we all seem to be losing our heads over.

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