Pink Jargon: La Resistance

Resisting Change or Resisting Culture?

Change, improve, educate, motivate and move forward. These are the same keywords bombarding us over and over, yet you look around and what do you see? A big FAT NOTHING.

But why?Because the ones calling for change are far from it and from setting the example for it (Or rather setting the wrong example).

People see the risk of changeas greaterthan that ofremaining still. Making a change requires a leap of faith to which you have no proof.People will only take active steps towards the unknown if they genuinely believe and feel that the risks of standing still are greater than those of moving forward,but with our leaders being so disconnected from us, how can we feel, let alone believe?


People have no role models, and you still wonder why our resistance, the very ones who claimed to fight for the country could not unite and select one role model?Do not underestimate the power of observational learning. People do not need a dreamer. Get up and show them something ‘For a change’.

People feel connected to thosewhoareidentifiedwiththeoldsystem. Which might come close to explain our favorite term “Feloul”. We are a social species (more of a mess really) that likes to stay connected to what we know. Try asking people in an organization to do things in a new way (Ha! Good luck!), as rational as that may seem to you, you will be setting yourself up against the wall, all those emotional links to those who taught them the old way will smack you hard in the face.  (Can’t seem to find a way around this so far)

Wake Up:

Overwhelm and fatigue can really kill any effort for change. I believe I should quit smoking, but I’ve got so much going on at work, spend 4 hours driving to and from work, I live in Egypt witha mess of a life to keep up with, so it’s easy to put off my personal health, until my first heart attack or cancer scare, when suddenly the risks of standing still seem greater than the risks of change. Just one more cigarette?

Say No to Self Destruction:

People fear they lack the ability to change. This is one of the things people rarely admit, but they feel that they won’t be able to make the move.  They simply don’t think they can do it.  The hard part is most of them may be right in our situation (given their environment).  But successful change includes effective new training programs, designed to aid them move forward.

Educate Yourself:

People fear hidden agendas (does that ring a bell?).Let’s face it, not all reformers are to be trusted. Perhaps even more frightening, some of the worst atrocities modern history has known were begun by people who believed they knew what was best for all of us (Welcome to EGYPT). 

Take a leap of faith?

People feel they are losing their status and the quality of life they were used to.Reshuffling the situation can bring winners and losers.  Some people will gain in status, job security, quality of life, and some will likely lose a bit. 

It’s Life… Get used to it

People just believe that the idea of change in itself is a bad idea. To win people’s commitment for change, you must engage them on both a rational level and an emotional level. 

 A word to all you wise people out there:  we’re just as human as anyone.

And an overused quote: “Be the change you want to see”

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