Invest In You

“If it weren’t for men, would we be a bunch of beefy hairy baboons going around?”

This most definitely will not be a finance lecture, ladies.

For us ladies, the cycle of investing in the way we look is endless. Another one of our vicious cycles, just like dieting. It somehow varies with the seasonal changes (blame it on the weather) as you get to hide under all those layers in the cold. Only to expose the previously concealed damage when the sun peeps out.

It’s summer time let the hassle begin!

With media promoting weight loss, hair removal techniques, fashion trends, new collections, colors, make up, hair tips and new esthetic equipment, there is an endless list of things you need and things to do before summer. Not to mention endless bills. Women seem to go through a great deal of effort and increasing expenditures. Yet, they always seem to be unhappy about their looks.

It doesn’t matter how intellectual you are, or whether you have the time or the luxury, or whether you are into fashion and partying or reading books and work as a banker.  Us “Women” always tend to think that we are working out and losing weight for the bikini body, for the perfect summer look only for the guys, for the boyfriend, to get a new date, to make sure the ex notices, to lose the baby fat, to fit in a size 34, to please the husband. To wrap it up, the main goal is to satisfy expectations.

Someone might ask: Are you trying to tell me that if it weren’t for men, we would be a bunch of beefy hairy baboons going around? Planet of the apes much?

We buy cosmetics and spend endless hours at the spa, hundreds of pounds at the hairdressers, trying to set an image or trying to please someone else, even a mother or a friend’s advice.  And then we lecture ourselves and other fellow species, that this tremendous effort of investing in our health and beauty is for our own well-being, for ourselves, for us to feel beautiful and take care of our body (although most of the undergone procedures might be harmful such as excessively blow drying your hair, overdoing your make-up, scrubbing too often, excessive tanning, etc).

Thinking or declaring this thought is one thing and acting on it is another.

I have many friends telling me they have no time to get a skin scrub, no time to go to the gym, no energy to go for a run, they loath diets, they hate their bodies, they hate their nose, they debate plastic surgery. They undergo surgery for weight loss, the cycle seems to get out of hand. Endless whining about having to wax or get their nails done, complaining about money spent to look all neat and nice. Did I forget the painful torture?

Thing is, I learned to look at it from a different angle. Start loving those short chubby legs, or those toes you always disliked. Love your body and love your hair and treat them well. Love yourself and have healthy meals and notice how you feel about it. Exfoliate and scrub because you want to treat YOUR skin, not for anyone else to feel it. Wax because it’s so much better for you than shaving. Spend on what makes YOU happy. If a book makes you happier than a new pair of flip-flops, GO AHEAD! It’s not only investing in your outer beauty but it’s investing in your inner beauty as well. Impacting how you feel on the inside will definitely help you how you look on the outside.

Invest in You.

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