Mariam ElGallad

مينيماليزم بالعربي

مينيماليزم بالعربي: دليل الحياة البسيطة وسط زحمة مصر

  فيه أفكار إستهلاكية موجودة من زمان في حياتنا وجزء من عاداتنا وتقاليدنا، زي مثلاً جهاز العروسة اللي لازم كله يكون جديد، أو إننا نشتري هدوم كتير إحنا مش محتاجنها عشان ماينفعش نكرر اللبس وحاجات تانية كتير. مبادرة مينيماليزم بالعربي هدفها هو نشر الوعي عن أضرار الإستهلاكية وفكرة الحياة البسيطة. الرسالة دي المبادرة بتوصلها من… Where There is Something for Everyone

Starting off regularly going on grocery shopping trips at 10 years old, to the grocery shopping trip that led to her first job as a chef at Gourmet, Chef May Yacoubi has managed to take the cooking world by storm. Now she’s taking the kitchenware and homeware world by storm with the launch of her…

5 Activities for a fun-filled Weekend

5 Activities for a Fun-Filled Weekend

The weekend comes and goes and our excitement for it never leaves. Maybe it’s the rest from the week’s work, the possibility of endless sleep for two days, or the excitement of trying out something new. For that, here’s a list of spots where you can try out exciting activities with your friends! AutoVroom We…


Representation & Power: Why Movies Like “Moxie” are Necessary

The 2021 film “Moxie”, directed by Amy Poehler is a rebellious letter to feminism and everything it stands for. Moxie is set in a high school that allows misogyny and racism to waltz through its doors. We first see Vivian, the main character, as a shy and quiet girl roaming the halls of the school.…

الفن عبير عادل

الفن والمرأة: بفرشة عبير عادل

شغف وحب عبير عادل للفن دايمًا واضح في شغلها. ألوانها وأسلوبها في التعبير بيعكسوا حبها لبيتها أسوان. فنها دايمًا بيناقش المرأة والدور الكبير اللي بتشكله في العيلة، بيعرض حاجات تانية كتير زي شكل الأسرة والطفولة والبيت. إحنا اتكلمنا مع عبير عشان نتعرف أكتر عليها وعلى فنها! إزاي بدأت رحلتك مع الفن؟ كلية الفنون الجميلة كانت…

5 Breakfast Spots for the Perfect Start to the Weekend

5 Breakfast Spots for the Perfect Start to the Weekend

The Weekday routine can often feel stiflingly mundane and repetitive. We go to work, we go home and the next day is the same, and on the cycle goes. With this list, we’re introducing bright and comfy breakfast spots to add ​​just the splash of excitement you need to get you going for the next…

Netflix Movies

Love and Adventure: 5 Netflix Picks for this Weekend

It’s always such a relief when we reach the weekends, but there is always some boredom lying around as well. For this weekend, we got your back. We chose some adventurous Netflix picks so you can have your popcorn and feel the excitement! 1. Love and monsters (2020)  Directed by Michael Matthews The location is…

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand: Changing Lives One Prosthetic Arm at a Time

Mohamed Hatab is a visionary who wanted to change the face of disability in Egypt. He founded “Hand in Hand”; a non-profit organization that manufactures 3D printed prosthetic arms. He’s an engineer with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in  Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Glasgow in the UK. “My passion for engineering and my…