A Day in the Life of the Bourgeoisie

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With everyone talking about sexual harassment, I was asked by friends to express my own opinion and tell my stories. But what could I possibly write to you?

I cannot speak up. For what I might say would hurt many. Should they realize that harassment is deeply embedded in this sick society, that even the most educated, privileged men, fathers, brothers, husbands, co-workers, bosses, clients (my list can go on) are the very ones who try to exert their “power” to see how far their twisted brains could go. And then of course maybe it was my dress, or my suit or my shirt or just the way I look!

I am not talking!

Wake up, shower, get dressed (in the shirt, leather heels, pants, belt, blazer). Make sure you cover up well these days! Drive to work for an hour and a half, try to park for another good 20 minutes, gaze through the window at the faces you do not feel like encountering. Go to the office; count the hours, sign-in, sign-out, the days roll by. Get paid (or not), work your butt off, long hours, pay the phone bill, the credit cards and car loan.

Stare at your screen (which is what I am practically doing)

Go on a weekend shopping spree. Buy things and pretend to feel good, eat junk,  feel bad about it. Check the news, get drained. Hear the world in uproar, feel sympathy and unity. Get angry, get sad. Stay in your room. Help a little, give a little,pull back.

Misery. Monotonous days.

Who are we?

Most of us belong to what we label today as the “Bourgeoisie”. We are a people with a certain “acceptable” quality of life and a pretty good lifestyle. We work hard for it and indeed spend on it. But recently everything happening seems to threaten our own existence.

Can we take it? Where do we go from here? Does anyone understand anything?

“By the 15th of each month, I am always broke”. I wonder how many of us actually repeat this sentence. I had days with a pound in my pocket and days with a couple of hundreds. We don’t know where we are going or why.

I worked since I was barely 16, in a society where people didn’t even need to work after they got married. When Daddy paid it all. But I had to and the wheels kept turning. Now we all have to… (Do we feel the world turning?)

Get up and do some useful shit.

Money is never enough, yet we are better off than most of our people, we eat sleep and shop and work. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that’s a life. Let alone the fact that “We”, women, do not have our rights in this workplace or here, in this lifetime. “We”, the middle class bourgeoisie society, are struggling on the very tip of a cutting edge, about to sink below to another level, another level we better never see…

And we dream of bags and shoes “that make the world go round”

What do we do?


Self education; the one thing that I never stopped doing was self educating myself. From book to book and page to page; trying to learn new things, passing the message and applying whatever good I learned to the job and hobbies I practiced.

We need to research, seek courses, look around, absorb, accept, listen, reachout…

Or do we just remain in our own bubbles?

(I like my own Pink bubble ever so much)



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