7 Things Movies don’t tell you About Sex

Movies romanticize everything, we all know that. A drug cartel has a sweet mother whom he loves, kidnappers have hearts of gold and angry old men are really just misunderstood. Still, harsh things are not the only thing romanticized by movies. In fact, cute, loving things are also given the movie treatment. The most famous of which is sex. Sex in movies is nothing like it is in real life. Here’s a list of things that movies neglect to tell you about sex. Sorry in advance for shattering your dreams.


All you see is Vanilla Sex

A movie will very rarely show you anything other than ordinary sex. You will never know about anything remotely kinky if you watch movies. Even 50 Shades of Grey will probably only include very soft S&M. Why? Because that’s what most people do. And so if you or your husband are into anything else, you will have to find out about it for yourselves.

First Time is Nothing like it is on Screen

Let’s get this straight. Movies either show you a very pleasant first time, or a very painful one. The truth is, it’s usually like that for dramatic effect. Still, we just find it unbelievable. Sex for the first time is not the most pleasant experience. It’s definitely not like in the movies where a woman orgasms despite her just-broken hymen. However, it’s also not the torturing experience some other movies show it to be.

Titanic Sex Scene is a Lie

An outrageous lie, too! First of all, they had sex in a tiny, antique car. Both of them should have awful cramps and some bruises by the time they are done. Also, after a literally steamy sexual encounter, they go dancing! Seriously? If anyone does that in real life, that would be disgusting. After pulling a physical effort like that, the first thing you need to do is hit the showers, not go mingle with other people.

Men want to have Sex all the time

Men in films never develop past their teen years. It doesn’t matter if they’re 16, 20 or 50. If they’re offered sex by anyone who is not of first degree relation to them, they will have sex with them. That is one of the silliest things that keep recurring in movies. Most men are not like that. Men, like women, have times when they are not in the mood. They also usually want to have sex with someone they feel emotionally close to. You know, it’s almost like they’re human!

Things only your Gynecologist will tell you

This is one of the most disappointing parts. Your body is not as tough as you think it is. When a woman has just lost her virginity her body is vulnerable. An area that was sealed off is now open to air – and much worse, germs. Infections following virginity loss are a natural occurrence. If you get one, go see a gynecologist and they will prescribe you something.

Vaginal Orgasms are like Northern Lights

Magical, beautiful and extremely rare… Yet, movies will never tell you that. Somehow, movies almost always ignore the fact that most women orgasm from clitoral stimulation. Whether it be because they want to avoid censorship, or because it’s easier to shoot the staple sex scene all movies employ, we’re not sure. However, it sells the wrong idea about sex to both men and women. And since most people don’t know this little fact, many men feel inadequate. And many women feel abnormal.

Sex Lasts for Hours

No, it doesn’t. This only happens in movies. It is possible for people to have sexual encounters various times throughout the night, making it last for hours. However, this doesn’t happen all the time. Still, movies won’t show you that, because that would be boring. In short, movies exaggerate everything for dramatic effect. And it’s only wise to know that real life is not like that. Just like you can’t walk away from an explosion without having blisters all over your back; sex scenes are nothing like the real thing.

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