Cook Purer and Healthier with Nestle Pure Life!

Kick off the summer by making healthier lifestyle choices for yourself and your loved ones while cooking. One of the best ways for one to improve their health is through eating and drinking cleaner. That is why Nestle Pure Life dedicated their efforts  to ensure the water you are using to cook delicious meals and prepare icy, refreshing drinks for your family is the cleanest, purest water you can possibly use.

At first, one might think it will be an investment to make the switch and only cook with Nestle water, but it actually is quite affordable!

On average, 1-2 gallons are needed per month for cooking and making drinks. At 38 EGP per gallon, this is an affordable solution to ensure all the water you consume throughout the day, even the water used in your food and drinks, is coming from a clean, pure source.

Nestle has thought of everything to ensure this experience is as comfortable as can be, with the innovative cradle accessory. Consisting of a stand and a tap, this accessory piece will be essential for facilitating the use of Nestle water for cooking, and will make you feel as if you are using a normal faucet.

This habit of using Nestle Pure Life water for all your cooking will be one of your favorite lifestyle changes this summer. Your food and drinks will be tastier, cleaner and healthier. And for you to enjoy this even more, Nestle has come up with an incredibly convenient package that provides you with two bottles of 18.9Liters, the cradle accessory, as well as a booklet of five refill coupons worth 550EGP. If you’re an existing Nestle user you can buy the cradle accessory worth 250 EGP. And once you join the service, Nestle will deliver to your doorstep for free, and there will be a weekly refill service available.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and call 19800, or Whatsapp 01101019800 to make use of this package and bring only the purest of water to your dining table.

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