“ENFESAM”: Sharmoofers’ Latest Take on Mental Stigma





After 3 years of Paranoia, Sharmoofers have taken things to new mental levels with their most recent album ‘Enfesam’. While, yes, Sharmoofers have given their fans three hit singles – and even won a few awards – in the middle to ease the wait, this is a completely new ballgame.

What makes Enfesam truly a masterpiece is not just the truly impressive music and stunning visuals shot in a location made to mimic a mental health ward, but also the fact that it tackles issues very important to youth, such as mental health and substance abuse. The music video, which shows a lot of your favorite celebrities (such as: Fathy Abdelwahab,Marwan Younis, , Hend Abdelhalim, and Ahmed Khaled Saleh) in a new light, is definitely the road less traveled. Few artists have been willing to bare their soul the way Sharmoofers have in Enfesam; the album hit single, also titled Enfesam, gives a little taste as to what to expect from the album.

While yes band has gone darker, and the talented duo have dipped into some very real and personal experiences to create such particular and unique music, it still has that old Sharmoofers feel that people know and love. Especially musically, this album might be the best thing Sharmoofers ever produced. The duo has dabbled in genres that has never even occurred to them before. Which makes more sense than anything ever has before, seeing as Bob and Moe are both very multi-dimensional people, so naturally Sharmoofers is too. Hence, the word Enfesam.

Their fans have waited patiently and Sharmoofers have obliged, not just giving them an album but also a tour. And when we say tour, we really do mean a tour – In March alone Sharmoofers will be in Cairo, Alex and then Toronto. Their album launch tour concert will be an experience on its own, with things never seen before in Egypt — to be announced soon — taking place in Cairo at Al Manara on the 8th of March 2019.  The lineup is one to look forward to. Featuring a mix of different genres to give the public the true Enfesam experience, with a lineup full of surprises taking over the stage before Sharmoofers’ big performance. Ticket sales are live and you can find them on https://www.ticketsmarche.com/tickets/tickets-sharmoofers-album-launch-concert-08-march-2019-al-manara-new-cairo-7343.htm

or call 16826 for booking and for more details and updates, visit the  event page https://www.facebook.com/events/2201518496578127


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