“A Day for Women”: the Egyptian Film People are Eagerly Waiting For

Photo From: British Film Institute’s official website


Egyptian films have been doing so well lately, proving to be worthy competitors in the international film scene. From Mohamed Diab’s “Clash” which was the opening film earlier this year at the Cannes film festival, to Seif Abdullah’s “Nourhan” completely filmed with an iPhone being nominated at the Cannes film festival for short-films, Egyptian films are on a significant rise. The latest Egyptian film that has been creating a buzz, and placing itself on the list of successful Egyptian films is “A Day of Women” (Yom Lel Nesaa), directed by Kamla Abouzekri.

Although the film has not yet been released in cinemas, Egyptians are already anticipating its local success amongst Egyptians. It has been chosen as the opening film for the 38th Cairo International Film Festival and according to a published press release, the festival is scheduled to take place from the 15th to the 24th of November. It is also currently screening and competing at the 60th London Film Festival.

“The film is about a pool that opens in a small reserved community, announcing Sundays for women.”

Amongst the actors and actresses in the film are Nelly Karim, Mahmoud Hemeda, Nahed El-Sebaei, Eyad Nasser, Hala Sedky and Farouk El-Fishawy.

The film is about a pool that opens in a small reserved community, announcing Sundays for women. The women of the community – including Azza whose dream is to wear a swimsuit – are overly excited about the news. On the other hand, the men are not so happy, and begin to find all kinds of ways to protest against the pool day for women. With the collision of stories of the different character – in relation to the pool opening – we begin to see the film reflect a deeper meaning related to community, co-existence, and freedom.

Excited yet? Take a look at this teaser trailer!

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