Studying Could be Fun Too! Cool Desk Ideas for Your Kids!

Schools have started and we want to make the coming academic year a good experience for our kids in a way that plays on their comfort and needs. With that being said, there is no better place to start than focusing on the place at home to which they will read, study, create art, and do their assignments on a daily basis. For many kids, this location at home is usually their bed or the dining table. Why continue this way, if you can combine the comfort of the bed with the practicality of the dining table in one personal desk? This desk will be dedicated just for them and for their academics and artistic creations! To help you out with your setup, here are some IKEA must-haves to create the perfect studying atmosphere for your child!



If your child is still young, in preschool or in kindergarten, then they are expected to be physically growing in a fast pace. So, to make the set up adjustable and practical for this scenario, begin with the FLISAT children’s desk, adjustable.


If your child is the artistic or scientific kind who will have more than the average amount of tools and books to place on the desk, then the MICKE Corner workstation would be perfect!


If your child’s needs are basic, including the average amount of tools and books, then the MICKE desk 142×50, black brown is just about right!

6101-IKEA BLACK no 9 Printed Oak Lacquer Hardboard Albedo [w2220 x h1280] mm color - texture - Jens Fleron
The IKEA ALRIK Swivel chairs are not only comfortable, but fun and colorful as well! Choose the color that suits your child’s taste!

Colourcheck Proof: Jenny Söderström
A tilted laptop allows anyone to type better and more comfortably, and the BRÄDA Laptop support gets the job done, the same way lying down on a bed does!

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