11 Signs you’re Insanely Attached to your Cat

Before we start this, we need to address dog people. We know that the love dogs give is absolutely priceless. We know that cats are picky and demanding, but this is one of the reasons we just love them! They’re independent animals, free spirits, and they picked us. They choose to love us. Having a cat is like having a roommate, an equal if you will. All cat owners love their cats, and we all have different rituals when it comes to dealing with them, but there are certain things that only a crazy cat person will do. We’ve listed a few below.


Your Phone’s Photo Gallery is a Shrine to your Cat

Scrolling down your photo gallery on your phone, anyone will notice – and be slightly bewildered –that your cat is the star in it. There’s the occasional selfie of you and the cat, another picture of you perhaps with the cat watching (and probably judging) you in the background, then more pictures of your cat. And you never have the heart to delete even the pictures that went all blurry because your cat won’t sit down when you ask him to.


Your Cat’s Birthday
No matter what your friends or family are doing on that day, they should forget it! It’s your furry friend’s birthday. Serving your kitty cat their favorite food, taking lots of pictures, and buying them toys (which they will ignore and play with the boxes and bags they came in instead) are some of the many feline birthday traditions.

“Even if you were in a relationship, you’d still choose your cats over your partner”


Life Partners
You immediately disregard any prospect date once you know they don’t love cats. Even if you were in a relationship, you’d still choose your cats over your partner. You can live with 10 cats anyway, who needs relationships?
You don’t Mind the Scratches
Scratching is a vital part of owning a cat; they’ll scratch your furniture, your curtains and even you! Most people hate it, but you know you’re obsessed when you look at them and think of how cute your little cat is, not how your house and skin are a mess because of them.


You’ve Embraced the Cat Hair
Every single black outfit you have is now effectively ruined because your cat’s hair is everywhere. It doesn’t matter how many brushes you buy, or how often you trim their hair. They’ll shed, and you’ll suffer from it, but you don’t mind, because it’s a reminder of your little ones!


Your Cat is An Unintentional Gold Digger

You make a daily detour to the pet store and get your cat toys, treats and their favorite food. No matter how expensive those things are, you find yourself thinking “nothing is too much for my baby”. Hence, not much left over for you…

“Your cat might not respond in human speech, but they will communicate with you their own way”

One Sided Conversations
One sided conversations are a daily occurrence. What kind of day would it be if you didn’t chat along with your kitty? Your cat might not respond in human speech, but they will communicate with you their own way. Whether it be by staring at you, rubbing up against your leg, giving you the most adorable head butt, or even meowing, they’ll let you know they’re listening.


Lost and Found
You leave certain stuff lying around; crumbled pieces of paper, bobby pins, cotton buds, old boxes, anything your cat can get its naughty paws on, and without fail, your cats will entertain themselves with it. Lost items are not the cat’s fault. Re-discovering them under the sofa is always a funny surprise.



Picking up hairballs isn’t something repulsive anymore. It’s unpleasant, but not repulsive. You only feel bad for your cat whose squeals woke you up in the middle of the night.

“During winter time, you and your cat get one another warm”


Kitty is your Perfect Hot Water Bottle
During winter time, you and your cat get one another warm. Whenever you get home and end up curled up on the sofa, your cat will get that this is a cue for them to roll up in a ball of fluff in your lap and start purring away.


No One Messes with your Cat!

If anyone jokingly says something along the lines of “your cat is ugly”, even jokingly, they’ll start seeing stars! No one makes fun of your little fur ball. Your cat is independent enough to stand up for himself, but you love being his protective human nevertheless.

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