5 Things we won’t Miss about Ramadan!


There are things we will definitely miss about Ramadan; the gatherings, nights out and the great food. On the other hand, there are things that we really won’t miss!

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Waking up Every 5 Minutes to Pee

Every night after drinking as much water as you possibly can, it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep! Waking up at least 5 times a night to go to the toilet is something we definitely won’t miss.

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Ramadan breath

It’s only natural that after not eating for hours you get what we call “Ramadan breath”. You try to cover your mouth when you speak and give people extra personal space.

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When you’re fasting you start craving the most random and specific things. You might even crave thing you don’t like!


Irregular sleeping patterns

Sleeping from after sohour until the morning usually isn’t enough, you end up being cranky and tired all day. So you try to squeeze in an hour or 2 here and there, you end up with the dilemma of sleeping before Iftar or after Iftar?

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Ramadan Headaches

There are many reasons we get Ramadan headaches, not drinking enough water, need for caffeine or simply hunger. We won’t miss the pounding in our heads as we try to go about our days.



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