10 People You See on your Timeline on January 25th Anniversary

With the anniversary of the January 25th Revolution coming up, there’s a lot of anticipation in the air. From what we are hearing, here are 10 different types of people you will see on the 25th of Janurary,  Which one are you?



  1. The One who Plans on going Back

This is the same person that spent all 18 days camping in Tahrir Sqaure in 2011. Making sure he is there in case of any early morning action, and will probably spend the day planning a new protest.


  1. The One who wants to go to Tahrir Square but his Mom won’t let Him

They have been through an ongoing debate with their mom about this day for the past few months. Every time they mark as “interested” on a Facebook event, she goes in and gives them an hour long lecture, which ends with “You’re not leaving the house on the 25th!”


  1. The One who has the TV screen Divided into all News Channels

The proud owner of a “War Room”! To them, one source of news is never enough nor trustworthy. They have been buying all the local news papers for the past few weeks and have come up with several expectations and theories as to what is going to happen. They are usually over 50.


  1. The One in Denial

They only see the 25th as a day off, and an opportunity to do something fun! These are the same people that are trying so hard to bridge the 25th with the weekend. They have made all sorts of plans, going to the movies, dinner out and of course a breakfast somewhere outdoors to get some sun. They may have joined the January 25th Revolution themselves, but are taking a long break for now.


  1. The One Making Phone Calls

Starting on the evening of the 24th they call everyone they know, making sure everyone is OK, hearing the plans they have for the day and of course sharing speculations and fears.


  1. The One Under the Covers

Those who hate politics and anything related to it. They refuse to leave their room all day; they boycott all news channels and don’t answer their phone. Spending their day in bed with movies and, of course, ordering in some junk food.


  1. The One who Loves Egypt Regardless

Starting with the wallpaper on their phone, to the flag in the balcony, and finally to the patriotic songs blasting in the house all day. Their love for Egypt blooms on the 25th; they have to political affiliations, just love for their country.


  1. The One who loves Stability

Panic mode on! Their greatest worry in life is to disrupt Egypt’s “esteqrar” and order. They can’t stand the idea of anyone protesting and want things to stay the same. If possible, they’d like a time machine to transport everyone to pre-Jan25 days.


  1. The One who Escapes

Another kind of worried person, but they decide to leave all together! They’ve probably done the same thing during the Jan 25th Revolution and it became a tradition ever since.


  1. The One who Reminisces

There are two types of these, the older generation, reminiscing about how beautiful, safe and nice Egypt was before the revolution, going on about how the revolution did nothing and in fact took us a few decades backwards. And then there is the younger generation, reminiscing about the days spent in Tahrir square and how that was the only time Egyptians stood up for themselves. Whatever you do, never put these two together, because things could get really ugly really fast.

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