Tips for the Summer Bridesmaid

Anti-frizz products

Flowy beach waves are what every summer bridesmaid tries to perfect—but humidity season is a tough opponent to beat. If you simply must have a loose hairstyle, make sure you invest in some serious anti-frizz products.


Save your sole

Most summer brides opt for a beach-side or a garden wedding, and neither of those locations are skyscraper heel-friendly. Avoid the tremendous hassle and invest in fabulous sandals instead. There are also products to help protect your heels if you must wear them.


Stay don’t stray

If the inevitable sweats do infect you, you’re going to want to be prepared for that by using some top notch primer and setting spray to keep your makeup in place. If you’re doing your makeup by yourself, ask the store attendant to help out with picking one prior to the wedding.


Emergency kit

An emergency kit can be your salvation in so many situations on this day. Some cotton buds, plasters, mints, hair pins and a sewing kit can save you and your bride from so many panic attacks.


Dress comfortably

Even if the bride has asked for a specific color, try to make the alterations necessary according to your preferences to make it something you’ll be comfortable wearing for quite some time, without breaking the bride’s rules. 

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