Hope at Last for Saudi Female Drivers!

News have been circulating the web recently that the Shura Council of Saudi Arabia recommended finally allowing women to drive. This comes after decades of struggle on Saudi women’s part, with the support of women and human rights groups. 

The uplifting news comes with a twist, though. According to the news circulating on the web, only women over 30 will be allowed to drive, which is strange, since the legal age to do anything is either over 18 or 21. A woman over 30 shouldn’t be more mature than a woman over 25. That being said, it is still a lot more progress than not allowing women to drive at all.

Women will also have a driving curfew of sorts. They will only be allowed to drive until 8PM. This raises the question of why would a woman be allowed to stay out late as long as she is being driven somewhere, but not when she’s driving on her own. 

Other regulations were also suggested, such as women having to have her father or husband’s approval, dress appropriately and not wear any makeup… etc.

This recommendation has not been confirmed by the Saudi government yet, and might just be a hoax to test the waters and see the public’s reaction. Saudi’s government has ignored pleas from both its citizens and human rights groups to allow women such a basic right of being able to use a means of transportation on their own.

Until now, even if the news is true, this remains only a recommendation from the Shura Council. It will only take effect if the King passes the law allowing women to drive. Regardless of how rigid the rules surrounding it seem from the looks of it, this would still be a huge step in the right direction for Saudi women.

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